Selection 2017:

1) Google Sheets availability tracking

a) Players are responsible for entering their availability on a google sheet.

b) The sheet can be accessed at

For those new to google sheets – these are live sheets and can be updated by many people simultaneously. They save changes automatically so you just need to open the sheet, update your availability and then close your internet browser.

c) All fixtures and known players have been added. Therefore you can update your availability one week at a time or complete the whole season now (if you know when holidays are planned etc).

d) Each week has a simple Y or N and a comment box. The comment box is to explain if you have some restriction (e.g. you may be working until a certain time and can only play a home game).

e) Captains will be responsible for checking their players have added a Y or N for the upcoming fixtures. They will chase those who haven’t updated the sheet.

f) New players can be added to the sheet by contacting Richard Trussler or Stephen Mitchell.

2) Selection night will move from Monday to Wednesday

a) As availability was often unclear on Monday – we will move the selection meeting to Wednesday night.

b) Players are to ensure that the google sheet is up to date prior to the meeting – otherwise they risk not be considered for selection.

c) Captains will communicate the teams on the Wednesday evening or first thing Thursday morning.

d) Only injury should cause someone to drop out after Wednesday.

Membership 2018:

St. Cross Symondians Cricket Club 2017 Annual Subscriptions


Full/Senior members – £100

Full/senior members in full time education – £60

Associate members (voting) – £40


Full/senior members – £60

Full/senior members in full time education – £40

Please see Membership Form 2017 for details on payment.